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With over 35 years of delighting Bonaire travelers, our team of passionate adventure seekers and honest-to-goodness travel professionals work tirelessly on your behalf.

At Bonaire Pros, you’ll find helpful people that want your vacation to be awesome – not faceless booking software with an outsourced help desk.

Cabins along the beaches of Bonaire

Our Story

In the spring of 1986, our three year-old ski and adventure travel company was winding down another season.

As the snow melted in the Rockies and another quiet offseason loomed, we wondered if our love for active pursuits and dedication to helping customers might work for Caribbean travel. Our accountants urged us to find out.

With that, we began crafting getaways focused on ocean sports, exploration and perfecting the art of Caribbean travel. Of all the destinations we offered, Bonaire stood out as the ideal island outpost for our active clientele.

Man sailing on a surfboard

In 1998, we forged our destiny and launched as an exclusive Bonaire vacation and reservation service. We knew right away we were on to something.

Over 35 years of booking Bonaire and thousands of delighted customers later, we are still going strong and focused on the future.

We’re an accredited agency recognized by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) and members of the Bonaire Hotel & Tourism Association.


Book Like A Pro

We know that booking the perfect Caribbean vacation can be a challenge, so we’ve done the hard part for you. Let our team of adventure seekers and travel industry experts guide you to excitement, relaxation and so much more.