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Trip planning requires reliable information and timely communication. Getting the right vacation option at the best price. And assistance when plans change.

When you book your Bonaire vacation with Bonaire Pros, you get experienced travel professionals working on your behalf. We’re here to help you sort through the digital clutter and get the best pricing possible. And if plans change or you encounter problems, we are here to assist you.

Best of all, VIP Traveler Assistance is free when you book with Bonaire Pros.

Here’s what you get … and what our customers have to say!

1. You need accurate information and first-hand knowledge to plan the perfect Bonaire trip.

“I found Bonaire Pros online and emailed them late at night with what we were looking for.  I got a response back first thing the next morning saying: ‘look no further, this is the place you are looking for’.  They were dead on!  We got everything we asked for and nothing we didn’t want; all in one super-convenient package!  Bonaire Pros did a fantastic job overall!

They were very communicative and helpful even when we changed plans a couple of times due to unforeseen circumstances.  They found an IDEAL place for us, even sent us lots of helpful info and tips about the island and what to expect- from driving tips to the best grocery stores, etc..  They literally saved me hours and hours of research and phone calls trying to coordinate all the details.  Kudos!   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

-Doug Umbarger

2. Plans change. We’ll help you rework your vacation.

“We were so happy with our booking experience at Bonaire Pros.  We had never been to Bonaire and didn’t know much about where to stay, etc.  Bonaire Pros answered all our questions immediately, which helped with our decision.  After all the work they did for us arranging the trip, we ran into an issue with the airline and had to change our reservation.  They were so gracious and just did what was needed to accommodate us.

We highly recommend this company.”

-Terry and Gini Riker

3. We’ll notify all parties on Bonaire when you have travel delays or changes.

“The trip was great. Bonaire Pros did a great job with the hotel and itinerary.  We did have a problem with our flight from Aruba to Bonaire, but our Bonaire Pros agent was in constant contact with us and updated the hotel and dive shop.  We have access to a timeshare but decided to go through Bonaire Pros instead.  We recommend them to anyone that is interested in going to Bonaire.”

-Frank and Pauline Johnson

4. Flights sometimes get delayed or cancelled. We can help you find an alternative option for your trip.

“I would like to sincerely thank Bonaire Pros for all the help extended in this vacation.  They went above and beyond helping get us to Bonaire when our airline failed us.  Their expertise was crucial getting us to Bonaire and wasting as little vacation time as possible.  I wouldn’t do Bonaire without using Bonaire Pros.”

Sincerely – Edward Knatvold

5. If you must cancel a trip, we’ll help you through the process and assist with refunds, insurance claims or rescheduling.

“Bonaire Pros went above and beyond to accommodate us.  Our travel companion had to make last minute changes and re-schedule himself and his son to a different week due to a family emergency.  They worked with us and got him a significant refund so he could re-book.  That was very much appreciated.

And, as we have done the last 3 years, we will be using Bonaire Pros again for the next trip!”

Thanks – Joerg Grau