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Taxis are an inexpensive way to get from the airport to your lodging (if you don’t have a car or transfers included in your vacation arrangements). But Bonaire is best when you have wheels for exploring this easy to navigate island.

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Pickup trucks are the official vehicle of Bonaire. Why? Because they afford you access to off-road adventures and some pretty bumpy roads you’ll likely encounter.

Divers, surfers and adventure seekers can use the bed to carry tanks and equipment, haul a bike or stash wet gear from the day’s exploits. We have 2 door and 4 door options, most with manual transmission.

If you are more the pavement and comfort type (without all the gear), we can arrange whatever you need from economy cars to larger vans or SUVs.

We suggest arranging your rental car in advance for best rates and availability. We can include a rental vehicle with any hotel booking.

If you already have your accommodations, we can combine a rental car or truck with diving or surfing.

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