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About Us

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We’re a team of Caribbean cowboys, island expats and digital nomads. We scuba dive, windsurf, kiteboard, ski, bike, hike, kayak, snorkel—just like you, the stuff we really love. It’s a passion that helps drive our mission as Bonaire Pros.

Andrew Reppeto

Managing Director

Our founder and CEO, Andrew wears a lot of different hats at Bonaire Pros. The son of a cattleman, he grew up working livestock in sweltering summer heat and was naturally drawn to the snowy Rocky Mountains and cool waters of the Caribbean.

His love for active adventure led him to start our company in 1983. A visit to Bonaire in 1986 began a special relationship with the island and its people. He calculates that over the last three decades, he’s spent more time on Bonaire than in his own living room.

Christy Reppeto

Christy Reppeto

Operations & Customer Service

Christy is our Ambassador of Hospitality with a traveler’s soul and adventurer’s spirit. Whether it’s crisscrossing Europe, skiing in the Andes, diving the reefs of Bonaire or wandering the markets of Hong Kong, Christy is up for any trip.

Naturally, her passport has been stamped at Bonaire’s Flamingo Airport too many times to count. She can fix any problem and steer you to THE best place for anything (particularly if it involves food).

Richard Bilderbeek

Richard Bilderbeek

Sustainable Tourism & Awesomeness

As someone who spent years living on Bonaire and working with the island’s top resorts, Richard combines local knowledge with a thoughtful vision for sustainable tourism.

Richard helps us focus on customer feedback to drive awesome experiences while assisting in our role as partner and contributor to Bonaire’s environmental and social non-profits. Great customer experiences that support Bonaire is our recipe for the future – and Richard is our sauce boss.


Book Like A Pro

At Bonaire Pros, you’ll find helpful people that want your vacation to be awesome – not faceless booking software with an outsourced help desk. Discover the difference and experience Bonaire like a pro.