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Boat & Shore Diving

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Boat & Shore Diving

Effortless boat trips and the world’s best shore diving — Bonaire is a diver’s paradise unlike any other. You’ll love the choices and freedom that only Bonaire can offer.

Why You’ll Love Bonaire Boat Diving

Boat Icon

Many sites are easier and faster to reach by boat than from shore

Dive Sites (Flag) Icon

Dive dozens of sites surrounding Klein Bonaire (only accessible by boat)

Divemasters (Fist-bump) Icon

Expert divemasters to guide you; solo divers get paired with a buddy

Diver Icon

Nothing is easier than striding off a boat to start your dive

Buddy Dive boat

How Bonaire Boat Diving Works

Bonaire dive operators offer daily morning boat departures (either 1-tank or 2-tank trips) as well as afternoon boat trips. Many go to Klein Bonaire, as these sites can only be accessed by boat.

With so many dive sites within a 15-20 minute boat ride, you’ll be able to enjoy multiple boat trips each day.

Divers preparing to dive into the water

Bonaire Boat Diving Packages

For a typical week-long dive trip, most divers choose from 6 to 12 tanks of boat dives in a package. Most packages also include unlimited tanks and air fills for unlimited shore diving. Additional boat dives can be purchased at the resort.

We can assist you with selecting and booking the perfect Bonaire dive vacation.

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Why You’ll Love Bonaire Shore Diving

Dive Anywhere Icon

Dive where you want, when you want 24-7 with sites suitable for any level of experience.

Oceanfront Resort Icon

Dive directly from the dock or beach of your accommodations or dive shop.

Rentable Vehicles Icon

Rent a “dive ready” vehicle for shore diving around the island.

Diver Icon

Divemasters are available for guided shore diving.

Angel City dive marker

How Bonaire Shore Diving Works

Bonaire shore diving is unique with tanks available for diving 24/7. Grab a tank right at the water’s edge of your dive resort or rent a vehicle and dive anywhere you like.

Dive sites are marked with yellow stones around the island, as well as on dive site maps. Guidebooks are available to help you plan and execute your dive.

Your dive shop can recommend sites suitable to your experience — or hire a divemaster for a guided dive.

Divers coming out of the water

Bonaire Shore Diving Packages

The best value is a multi-day unlimited shore diving package. You’ll get access to an unlimited number of tanks/air fills to dive as much as you like, day or night.

Divers on an unlimited shore dive package can purchase boat dives during their stay or sign up for a guided dive from shore.

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