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Why Bonaire Windsurfing is Best!

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You may have noticed that Bonaire license plates feature the slogan ‘diver’s paradise’, but it could easily be ‘windsurfer’s paradise’. Bonaire’s Lac Bay is a Mecca for freestyle windsurfing. This 8 square kilometer turquoise lagoon on the southeast side of the island is one of the most picturesque sailing areas on the planet. We’ve never met anyone who wasn’t a bit awestruck at his first glimpse of Lac Bay’s incredible colors and scenery (okay, we know we are really raising expectations here). But jaw-dropping beauty is just one reason why windsurfers worldwide are attracted to this special place. Here are three reasons why Bonaire windsurfing is best!

Jibe Bonaire WindsurfingThe Best Recipe of Wind, Water & Weather

If you had to design a perfect place to windsurf, it might just look like Bonaire’s Lac Bay. The constant onshore trade-winds here mean sailing virtually every day of the year (and never a risk of being blown out to sea). Most of the sailing area of the bay is shallow with a sandy bottom. And the average water temperature of 84 degrees F. means no wetsuits – ever. Since Bonaire’s wind patterns are consistent and the bay offers huge expanses of knee to waist deep water, the spot is perfect for beginners along with more experienced windsurfers who live for freestyle, slalom or high speed windsurfing.

The high-wind season, with average windspeeds of 15 to 25+ knots, is typically from February into August. Even during the so called low-wind season you’ll most likely be on a board and smiling, with wind speed averages of 10-20 knots most days. So whether you are just a beginner that is discovering the sport, or an avid surfer trying to nail that old school duck jibe or the latest freestyle move, you won’t find a better venue.

Windsurfing lessons Lac BayThe Best Place to Learn Windsurfing

It’s been said that Lac Bay on Bonaire is the best place to learn windsurfing on earth. And not only visiting windsurfers enjoy the perfect conditions and improve their craft at this one-of-a-kind spot. When it comes to the sport of freestyle windsurfing, local Bonaireans rule. Kiri Thode, Tonky and Taty Frans, Björn Saragosa and others have grown up dominating the world stage. These local professionals train at Lac Bay almost every day. Once you’ve watched them in action, you begin to understand – this place nurtures and grows windsurfers like nowhere else.

Bonaire has four windsurfing centers where qualified instructors teach in small groups. Both centers offer instruction from the basic skills for your first ride to helping you to master that one wicked trick. After riding the latest designs at any of Bonaire’s windsurf centers, you’ll probably want to dump your old gear when you get home.

Sorobon BonaireThe Best Place to Relax

The right conditions prior to and after your windsurfing session can be equally important. End your windsurfing session with a delicious fresh lunch or a Caribbean-style cocktail. For this most important post-surf relaxation (and hydration) you can choose from three venues: Sorobon Beach Resort, the Hangout Beach Bar at Jibe City and Sebastian’s at Bonaire Windsurf Place. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to be treated to beachfront views of Lac’s kaleidoscope of shimmering waters and windsurfers. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail, the warming sun, a relaxing lounge bed and an authentic Caribbean atmosphere.

Even the friends and family you drag along on your Bonaire windsurf outing will find Lac a great place to beach, swim and chill. We didn’t mention the kayaking and snorkeling at Lac Bay is arguably the best you’ll find on Bonaire. That’s another list.

Photo credits: Sorobon Beach Resort Bonaire

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