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Support Bonaire – Redefining Bonaire Tourism

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During the weeks following the closing of Bonaire’s borders and tourism, the leadership team at Bonaire Pros shifted their vision to the future challenges Bonaire faces as a destination and our role as stakeholder, expanding our company’s focus and mission. Financially stable and looking beyond the current events shaping travel, we have redefined and expanded our company’s role as a responsible tourism partner to the island.

Boneiru Fuerte-Bonaire Strong


  • We want to transform Bonaire tourism by deepening visitor involvement in the stewardship of Bonaire’s two most important assets – its nature and its people.
  • Our goal is to integrate travelers as part of a solution to tourism’s impact on Bonaire’s natural resources and society.
  • We believe that assisting in the preservation of Bonaire’s natural resources as well as the elevation of the island’s people should be part of each traveler’s mindful experience and a core responsibility of our company.

Our Initiatives

  • We seek to engage our customers and visitors by raising both awareness and donations for environmental and social nonprofit institutions on the island.
  • Bonaire Pros will donate and distribute 3% of annual profits to select environmental and social foundations on the island.
  • Bonaire Pros will support and solicit donations on behalf of these nonprofit institutions and promote their missions, as well as educational and volunteer opportunities for visitors.

Our Partners

Through our donations and ongoing support, we are partnering with the following non-profits:

Reef Renewal Bonaire

STINAPA Junior Rangers program

Kiwanis Club Children’s Program

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

Support Bonaire Sticker

Bonaire Pros is raising awareness of our Support Bonaire vision with our “Boneiru Fuerte-Bonaire Strong” Campaign.

For additional info, contact:

Christy Reppeto / Bonaire Pros
817-416-2580 email: