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Bonaire Nightlife

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Some people believe Bonaire and Nightlife are mutually exclusive terms. Invigorating daytime adventures followed by early-to-bed crashing is the daily (and nightly) routine, right?

Not so fast my friend!

While Bonaire may not be a late night party and entertainment mecca, there is some sizzle in Bonaire’s menu of after-dark activities. Check out some of Bonaire’s signature evening activities and get your nightlife on.

Bonaire Casinos

Feeling lucky? There are two casinos on Bonaire for those looking for a bit of gambling action. Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire and Divi Flamingo Beach Hotel both have small casinos that feature slots and table games to test your luck and skills. Flamingo Casino, at the Divi, even claims to be the world’s only barefoot casino. We’d suggest at least some flip flops. The Plaza’s Coral Casino has big screen sports coverage and even no limit Texas Hold ‘em Poker. Both are open every night until the wee hours except Sundays.

Bonaire NightlifeMusic and Dancing

You’ll find Bonaire moves to a rhythm of many styles and influences. While many of the island’s restaurants and beach resorts have live music throughout the week, no one does it better than Little Havana and Cuba Compagnie, two of Bonaire’s best music and dance venues. Bands from South America, Europe and nearby islands regularly entertain guests and locals with Latin, Jazz and Rock sounds. You can work up a sweat learning Salsa and Meringue steps, or relax and enjoy the scene, as the party is inside and out at these fun night spots. The place to be on Friday is Coco Beach. Start with an easy happy hour at sunset and you’ll soon find yourself dancing to the beats of one of the local DJ’s. The party goes on until midnight!

Night Dive and Snorkel

Night diving on Bonaire is the way to experience many of Bonaire’s sea critters that get active after the sun goes down. All you need is an underwater light and you can jump in just about anywhere along the oceanfront. Fluorescent diving can make it even more amazing. Using specially designed UV flashlights and lens filters for dive masks, fluo diving reveals the natural fluorescence of corals and other marine life. A handful of dive operations offer guided night dives including fluo dives. No boat rides required – it’s all right off shore!

Sebastian's restaurant at sunsetSunset Dining

Looking for the perfect place to watch the sunset? The waterfront area in Kralendijk is the ideal location. It’s also home to some of Bonaire’s best bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy great food and drinks, listen to local musicians, and be entertained by the lights of night divers. Check out Sebastian’s and It Rains Fishes in town as well as Rum Runners at Captain Don’s, Ingridients (no typo) at Buddy Dive and Spice Beach Club at Eden Beach  — all with dazzling views of the Bonaire oceanfront. Or you might consider an evening sailing excursion with dinner and drinks aboard of the sailing yachts of Epic Tours or Compass.

Ready for a night out on Bonaire?

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