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Bonaire Beaches You Need to Discover

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Bonaire Beaches You Need to Discover

First time visitors to Bonaire are often surprised at the island’s lack of mainstream, touristy type beaches. After all, this is the Caribbean, isn’t it? And the Caribbean is the place you go for stretches of sugar sand beaches dotted with palm trees, right?

While Bonaire may be lacking in numerous sandy stretches, it’s world-class shore diving and snorkeling more than makes up for the lack of endless Instagrammable beachfront. You can dive and still dig your toes in the sand on Bonaire. We think it’s a pretty balanced trade.

What’s also cool about Bonaire’s best beaches is that many are off the beaten path. Whether you want to sip a colorful umbrella drink and soak up the abundant sunshine, or just chill out, swim and snorkel in unspoiled nature, you’ll find many beaches worth the trek .

Here’s 3 great spots you’ll want to visit to relax and create your own island moments – beach included.

Lac Bay Bonaire

Lac Bay

Pick any one of the three beach bars – Sorobon Beach Resort, Hang Out Beach Bar, or The Windsurf Place – and you’ll find a chaise lounge chair with your name on it and enough sandy shoreline to satisfy any beach lover. Note that these spots can get crowded on cruise ship days, so plan accordingly.

The added benefit of a day spent here is that amenities abound, including tasty food, ice cold drinks, restrooms, windsurfing, and even massage services. Raise your hand if this sounds like the perfect beach day. If you want to drive a bit, head to Lac Cai on the far northeast side of the bay for a tranquil, local scene.

If you get bored, you can go kayaking in the nearby mangroves or venture out to the reef guarding the bay. This is some of the best snorkeling on Bonaire and you’ll typically have the entire length of the reef to yourself.

Southwest Beach Bonaire

The Southwest Coast

Head south along the west coast road past the salt pier and just before the kitesurfing beach you’ll start to see wide stretches of soft sand dotting the rugged coastline. Any one of these is the perfect spot for a picnic lunch or sunset cocktails. If you want to get wet, head past kite beach and the fishing shack to find areas where natural sandy areas dissect the rocky shoreline, offering a relatively easy entry into the Caribbean Sea for swimming, snorkeling or diving.

Important to note is that these beachy spots have no amenities or shade. But if you pack some lounge chairs or beach towels, a cooler, and maybe even an umbrella (be sure to set it up in the shelter of the low-growing trees so it doesn’t blow into the sea), this is a great area to chill for a few hours with your toes in some of the softest sand on the island. We like it best in the early morning or the magic hour toward sunset.

Slagbaai National Park

Washington-Slagbaii National Park

Believe it or not, there are some amazing sandy beaches waiting to be discovered in Bonaire’s national park. Who knew?

First up is Playa Chikitu, a small, crescent-shaped stretch of deep sand near the entrance to the park. However, while the beach looks like the picture perfect Caribbean beach, swimming here is not recommended due to high surf and strong currents, including rip tides.

For a more relaxed beach experience, head over to the other side of the park to Boca Slagbaai, a serene bay ringed on one side by a sandy beach. This is a great spot to cool off and relax after a drive through the park. Grab a cold drink from your cooler, wade in, and savor the breathtaking scenery and peaceful nature. For the brave souls, you can even scale the cliff to the left of the beach and jump off into the turquoise water.

Contact us when you are ready to get sandy. We’ve got Bonaire beach aficionados standing by.